Security & Safety

OTA updates are done over an https internet connection to And as we all know the internet is a "dirty" place.

As quoted from the Arduino ESP documention:
Make your own risk analysis and depending on application decide what library functions to implement. If required, consider implementation of other means of protection from being hacked, e.g. exposing module for uploads only according to specific schedule, trigger OTA only be user pressing dedicated “Update” button wired to ESP, etc.

Also consider:

OTA process takes ESP’s resources and bandwidth during upload. Then module is restarted and a new sketch executed. Analyse and test how it affects functionality of existing and new sketch.

If ESP is placed in remote location and controlling some equipment, you should put additional attention what happens if operation of this equipment is suddenly interrupted by update process. Therefore, decide how to put this equipment into safe state before starting the update. For instance, your module may be controlling a garden watering system in a sequence. If this sequence is not properly shut down and a water valve left open, your garden may be flooded.

Never register new devices from whithin public Wifi networks. And you should consider using cfg_authenticate to password protect your config pages.

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