Using apps

So now you have blinked your leds and read your time. Lets dive a little deeper into the logic and terminology of Apps at


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Get AppApp types


(Published) Apps

These are the Apps developers have published on and you can use with your devices. When logged in press the "Add to My Apps" button next to your desired App to add it to your "My Apps" section in the Control Panel.


Private Apps

These are Apps you develop and upload for private use with your projects. (My Apps) Although the projects they are used in are publicly shared on our website, these apps are not shared or visible for other users. Of course you can always Publish your Apps!


Linked Apps

When you add a (Published) App to your collection. You actually add a link to the original App. This means any updates done by the Developer of the app are directly available for your devices. And you can delete these "links" without affecting the original App.

Linked Apps can be recognised by the leading * as seen in the img above. IASBlink.

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