The PSF-A85 is an ultra low-power Wi-Fi module designed by ITEAD. The module adopts the highly integrated Wi-Fi chip ESP8285. It features industry's highly competitive packaging size and ultra-low power technology. Specially designed for mobile devices and the Internet of Things application, it connects physical devices to Wi-Fi wireless network to make Internet or LAN communications.

PSF-A85 has completed self-contained wireless network, with built-in 32-bit kernel processor, on-chip SRAM, it can not only be used as the main control chip, but also as a WiFi adapter. To apply it to other microcontroller based designs, simply by using SPISDIO or I2CUART interface to communicate.

The module supports antenna of IPEX connector and stamp hole interface. It is widely applied to smart power grid, smart transportation, smart home, handheld devices, industrial control, etc.

Tutorial: Using ESP8266/ESP8285 to blink an LED

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Manufacturer(s) ITEAD
Flash 1 (MB)

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Arduino board settings

Board name:
Generic ESP8285 Module

Flash size:
  • 1MB (8Mb)

Partition scheme:
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 64KB OTA:~470KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 128KB OTA:~438KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 144KB OTA:~430KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 160KB OTA:~422KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 192KB OTA:~406KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 256KB OTA:~374KB)
  • 1MB (SPIFFS(FS) 512KB OTA:~246KB)