STM32 Based

We are happy to announce that from library version 2.2.0 on we will support OTA updates to a number of STM32 boards when they use an ESP modem.

The STM32 boards are updated by the ESP modem over the SWD port using the Adafruit_DAP library. Which is based on Alex Taradovs excellent Free-DAP code.

We will start our support with the Black pill. And add more boards based on the following product nr's:
STM32F405xx/07xx and STM32F415xx/17xx,
STM32F42xxx and STM32F43xxx,

Development boards

Black Pill V3.0

Black Pill V3.0
The WeAct V1.3 aka the Black Pill version 3, originally made by WeAct but undoubtedly cloned many times. And sold in all the usual places. Compared to the previous, this version...
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